I’m going home today! I get to see my dog and my mom and my best friend- and, no those aren’t all the same person! Shame on you.
I have an interview for a medical school loan repayment/scholarship this morning, and then a dentist appointment and a doctor’s appointment.
I will then be meeting up with my friend Dani to shop for something to wear to needtobreathe because we take it seriously and it’s a big freaking deal!
I’m also going car shopping to try to find a nice, reliable vehicle to get me through the next big chunk of my life. I’m looking into like a compact SUV. Think jeep compass, subaru outback, etc.
So yay! A long, busy, fun Easter weekend with my family! I’ll be sure to try to post things when I can’t find anything else to avoid homework with.
Anyone else have trouble regulating their temperature?
Something’s wrong with my hypothalamus.
I’m the first person to start flat out shivering when its chilly in a room. The thing is, I’m not even like this fragile being that everyone counts on to be cold all the time. I don’t always bring a an extra jacket with me because unfortunately, I’m also the first one to start sweating when it gets a little toasty. Not like a little moisture either; I mean I pit out T-shirts on the reg and have to change clothes three times everyday when it warms up. Basically I sweat like a Mexican.
I’ve had this theory for a while now that when I’m forced to wake up by alarm instead of on my own, my thermoregulation is off all day and I get hot or cold more easily.
Then again maybe it’s just because when I’m awoken by alarm I’m cranky and find things to complain about all day like being too cold.
Someone needs to do a study correlating lack of sleep to being abnormally hot or cold, so that I can be right.
Of course all of this could be due to the freakish cold front we had on Monday where it snowed momentarily and then it was 60s-70s the rest of the week.
Join me next week when I talk about my constantly clammy hands and freezing toes. Just kidding. But really, this post has nothing to do with anything. So I’m sorry about that.