My last forty-something days as an undergrad.
I’m trying to relish the late nights, the struggle with impossible material and requirements of my small private school.
In some ways, these will become my “good old days”.
So, I’m trying not to hate it as much.
I’ll miss the familiar faces for sure.
I feel the pre-nostalgia welling up for my college friends and fellow science majors.
We have a bond through our shared caffeine, endless fretting, quirky professors, and tests that make you hate yourself.
I think I’ll miss the work too.
How relaxed the pace is, how mundane and mindless the material is.
It will become more imperative that I know my stuff the further along I go in my education.
In medical school, my late night struggle could save a life down the road.
Things will get serious.
I’m growing up.
Moving on.
And I think I’ll miss this place.
So I’m trying not to hate these last precious, worry-free assignments.
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