Anyone remember these?
When I was a kid I would get a Tomagotchi, lose it in my closet and find it a couple days later. My little digital creature would, of course, be dead. But, you simply restart and try again.
In my desperation of my capstone not working, I decided a Tomagotchi would be a great way to harness some control over my life. So, I downloaded an app. Next best thing right? Just like old times.
Wrong. Instead of taking expert care of it, I only checked it a couple times and it has died already. It died in its own poop.
Needless to say, it didn’t have the effect I was looking for. Haha. Oh well.
Here’s something else slightly terrifying.
What you’re looking at is a plate of bacteria and fungus my group and I swabbed off of ONE GRAM of spinach leaves out of the bucket at SUBWAY.
Disturbing right? Oh well. It probably isn’t pathogenic. And I will continue to eat there. Immune systems and all that…
Science is cool.