1///Sleep until 2 PM.
3-Make the perfect tiramisu.
4 Run a lot.
5) Take a nap an hour after you wake up.
#6 Go on a random road trip.
7> Journal.
8* Do a bunch of Pinterest projects.
9} Take a bubble bath.
10: Stay up until 4 in the morning.
11///Make a gourmet meal for mom and dad.
12~Have fun with your nieces.
13-Do nothing.
14 Go on a long bike ride.
15) Read a magazine outside.
#16 Watch movies you haven’t seen yet.
17> Sunbathe on a Monday afternoon.
18* Take the girls to Bigsplash.
19} Go shopping with mom
20: Try a new food.
21///Take a 30 minute shower.
22~Have a spa day.
23-Lay tile with Dad.
24 Organize stuff.
25) Take pictures
#26 Jump in a neighborhood pool.
27> Watch Netflix until your eyes hurt.
28* Go hiking.
29} Find a new hobby.
30: Focus on others.
31///Try a juice cleanse just because.
32~Get a tan.
33-Make over your study room.
34 Have fun.