(While still being a positive person)
1) I hate the fact that I have to pay money to order checks to pay money to other things.
2) I hate cigarettes.
3) I hate squeaky brakes.
4) I hate beans. Of all kinds, cooked any way possible.
5) I hate interviews. (More on that later this week.)
6) I hate sending emails.
7) I hate calling customer service.
8) I hate yoyo diets and fad diets. (Atkins, South Beach, Plexus, hCg, calorie counter people I’m talking to you)
9) I hate headaches.
10) I hate relish, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.
11) I hate satin sheets.
12) I hate Computing for Science Majors. Never has a class been so pointless and frustrating.
13)I hate when the elastic wears out on my socks.
14) I hate not running.