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Summer Race Schedule

Though my running has been lacking lately, I’m using the lull in school activities and nice weather to get back out there. I’m shooting for at least 3 5K’s and I want to do a 10K as well if I can stay healthy. A PR would be great in the 5K! Zach also suggested we run some Tulsa races this summer so here it is!


The Full Moon Run

May 17th, 7:00PM

I’ve been as a spectator to this one to watch some friends run. I like it because its in the evening in downtown Tulsa. This will also be a fun one since its the day after graduation. It’ll be a great way to start off the summer.


The FireCracker 5K

July 4th 7:30 AM

Never done this one but its one of the more popular races in Tulsa so it’ll be crowded.


Porter Peach 5K

July 19th 8:00 AM

I’ve run this before and glory hallelujah IT IS HOT! But flat, so that’s nice 🙂


June is sort of lacking in road races in my area and there are no 10k’s posted yet. If it comes down to it I can just mark out my own course and do a time trial! I’m used to running by myself anyway.

Now, I just got to get out there and train like a beast!bd5aaf4327fdbb58ec1b4809dc968138