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Medical school budgeting

Med school is such a unique little niche of life that I don’t often find the answers I’m looking for when I google a specific question to see how other people do it. Med students aren’t necessarily known for writing, sharing tipsy and being involved in social media publicly but I think we should be. I soaked up every bit of info I could find about applying, schools, pre reqs, etc because it’s always helpful to know other people are going through the same things. Still, I usually can’t find anything on what I need aside from some occasional articles on the AAMC, which are so broad and vague that it’s not always helpful.
Anyway, now that I’m in, I guess I’m seeking advice and guidance on how to budget for this endeavor. In addition, I guess I’m offering my personal budget outline (which I’m sure will evolve) in case anyone else is wondering how other people are managing the loans.
Why I personally need a budget:
1) I’m a planner
2) I love organization
3) I love lists 🙂
4) I will receive a lump sum at the beginning of the semester which means it needs to last ALL semester.
5) Number 4 above scares me. If I overshoot or undershoot how much I need it’s bad.
6) Oh my gosh what will I do over the summers?!
Expenses I am responsible for:
1) My car payment ~$300/month
2) My car insurance ~$800/6 months
3) Tuition ~$21,000/year
4) Books, supplies, education costs ~$8000/year
5) Food (living with my parents, I will probably only be responsible for lunch most days and if I go out on weekends) ~$200/month
6) Gas ~ still figuring this one out with my new car and all
7) Fun/shopping ~???/month
As of right now I don’t have my scholarship award letter officially so that may take a couple thousand off of tuition (fingers crossed).
Number 7 was what I was mostly looking for help on. How in the heck do I estimate that? Is “fun” going to Starbucks once a month? Is “fun” a trip to Hawaii? Is “fun” retail therapy after I bomb a test? How do I know what I will have time for/what’s feasible/reasonable/dumb/crazy/necessary. How do you budget for being flexible and spontaneous and staying sane if needed but also not being ridiculous and frivolous?
Advice? What not to do? Did I leave anything out?
Even if you aren’t a med student reading this, how would you gauge how much to take out for my other, less necessary costs?

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Random happenings

I won’t have much time to post today and into this weekend! I took an early weekend and went to Tulsa for lots of exciting things.
Such as getting a new car! Well, seriously shopping for one anyway. I’ll update about my choices and decisions when I get there.
Also I have to go up to my future medical school (eek!) and do a few things for financial aid. And, I’ve been questioning my white coat choice size. So I need to go up there and try them on again before the deadline. (I picked a smaller one because it looked better on.) The lady in the bookstore was rushing everyone and pressuring people to go a size up for better range of movement so that you can bend and easily wear layers under it. But I don’t know what to do. It’s such a hard decision. The next size up almost swallows me and the sleeved were too long. What should I do?!
An update on my medical school scholarship dilemma: I got a letter in the mails saying I was not selected to receive the endowment to practice in a rural setting. So, that decided for me I guess. I guess it came across that I wasn’t really fully committed to it yet and they determined it was not the right fit. Probably do the best anyway, now I get to decide exactly what it is I want to do without signing any binding contracts! So, I’m happy with how it’s working out.
And last but not least, I have a needtobreathe concert to attend but not til Friday night! Thats right, my boys are in my very own city and it’s pretty much illegal for me to miss that sort of thing.
A quick recommendation for all you dry skin people out there like me: CERAVE!

This stuff is amazing. I’ve been using it for years but it’s a really thick lotion so I don’t use it that much, but I need to start again.
I’ve been sunburned 5 times since February. (Seriously what special breed of white girl gets sunburned in February!?)
And the winter left my skin super dry-it’s always a little dry anyway.
Usually I can get by with just putting some in scented body lotion on my face before bed but lately my nose has been pink and irritated, my cheeks have flaky dry skin and my forehead looks like leather. So I got my tub of CERAVE out and put some on the last couple days and my face is sooo much better.
They sell it at drug stores and it seems expensive ($12 for the tub) but this jar has lasted me at least a year. I put it on my legs, elbows, stomach, back, whenever I get really dry and itchy and it makes me soft and soothed. I was actually originally told to get it by my dermatologist when I had itchy legs from keratosis but every single other lotion made me even itchier. I’ve since found out that I’m allergic to fragrances in lotion and I grew out of the keratosis but I still love my CERAVE. Try it if you need it!