It was arguably the biggest year of my life. The toughest too- with the most changes and adjustments.
I got accepted to medical school.
I started this blog to document the transition into and through medical school.
I graduated college.
I deep cleaned, organized, and re-did my room.
I travelled across the country with my best friend.
I spent time with family.
I said goodbye to someone I never thought I would say goodbye to.
I started medical school.
My world got bigger.
I studied.
I formed deep bonds with people I didn’t know half a year ago.
I turned 23.
I finished my first semester.
I celebrated and relaxed into the new year.
Here’s to you, 2014! I am blessed.IMG_4635

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Graduation Party Details

Here it is folks. The last remnants of my senior year of college. Woah.
My sisters, mom, and I did most of the party prep ourselves. We ordered 20 ml Lure-Loc syringes, a set of 3 Ehrlenmeyer flasks, 50 urine sample cups, and a set of 6 plastic beakers all from Amazon and tried to incorporate a science/medical  theme throughout the party.

My messy pretzel thermometers

Food Table

Typical graduate shrine

Build-your-own-Sundae bar with topping injections!



“Urine” Punch to put in our urine cups. It was white grape juice and ginger ale.

Pretty flowers my mom arranged!

Mom and Dad

The giant stethoscope my dad made for fun

Dat baby tho


My parents with all their grandkids

Macey found the popcorn like she always does!

Besties for the resties

DSC_6441 DSC_6449 DSC_6451 DSC_6479 DSC_6480 DSC_6482 DSC_6501

Family Life

Graduation party

Edited pictures of other things from my “medical theme” will go up tomorrow evening. My stomach is full and my heart is happy from the party and being with family and friends! I have another busy summer week up ahead but the posts should be more regular as I get into a routine after my trips are over.
I hope everyone’s weekend is going well.
And as promised, here is the Pinterest fail version of what I posted about yesterday.

Nailed it! Not.
Special thanks to my mama and my sisters for helping prep for the party.

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I have become a college graduate in the time since we last spoke.
I thought that I would feel different afterwards or be sad or overwhelmed the day of. It was a fast-paced day of places to be, family arrivals, and I was also moving out of my apartment to go back home the same day.
It didn’t feel overly surreal and thankfully it was still a fun day with my family despite a 2 hour ceremony in a hot chapel.
I only teared up twice- once because my favorite professor was giving the commencement address and once when my mom found me after the ceremony and started bawling.
I was so glad and proud to have my family there, and my nieces did so good in the audience. Way to go girls!
The rest of the event is best described in pictures. There are no pictures of the actual ceremony because my dad doesn’t know how to focus. Half of everything saved on the SD card is a one second video because he didn’t know how to get back to picture mode. Parents…. sigh.

My sweet friend Lynnette and I in the staging area

This picture cracks me up. None of us are ready and it was too bright, apparently!

Lynnette and I again- I couldn’t have made it through science without her!

My favorite professor and I

Some more science girls. Each of them bright, beautiful, and destined for great things!

My rocks- my mom and dad

Dear little Jenna and I. We are going to be the cool best friend doctors in the next “Grey’s Anatomy”

Katie in my cap and gown. She will grow into it before we know it!

Growing Up Recipes

Endings/ New Things

As my list of things to do until I graduate shrinks, my list of things to do to prepare for medical school grows.
I have a small list of final projects and a small list of tests and it seems strange that it’s all coming down to be a once again manageable semester when at first it seemed impossible.
And I really want to thank everyone that has done me favors, brought me food, or simply sat with me while I have slaved over purifying some nematodes‘ godforsaken RNA. As of today, I have a batch in the PCR machine to test its viability. Hopefully, this time it works.
Not only will school as I know it end, these are also my last days in Shawnee. Not saying I will miss it- its $13.99, now $15.99 trash service, or its nasty people and incredulously disgusting Walmart, but its been a pseudo-home for a while.
New Things:
I tried steel cut oats overnight for the first time.
I bought the actual oats off of Amazon since nowhere in Shawnee has them. Steel cut oats look a lot different than the Quaker oats I have been familiar with. They were definitely more chunk-like than wafer thin like rolled oats. And if you look at the actual grain like I did (I know, I’m a nerd) you can sort of see that they really do “roll” them out flat to get the rolled oats I put in my No-Bake Cookies.
Anyway, I didn’t have brown sugar or anything other than Splenda and I didn’t want to get the¬†crock pot out or boil them for an hour. I also didn’t think I would mind eating it cold so this is what I threw in my bowl:
1/2 c oats
2 spoonfuls of chia seeds
2 splashes of milk
3 oz. yogurt drink that I have every morning
for sweetness and fruit flavor
(It looks like this)
I put it in the fridge overnight. I ate some of it this morning and the rest for a snack later. It was chewy and sweet and slightly strawberry flavored. I liked it cold too. I’m proud of it and will definitely make it again. I’ll probably incorporate peanut butter or chocolate in some way.
I thought it was exciting and new and yay!