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Tomagotchi Death and other Unfortunate Tales

Anyone remember these?
When I was a kid I would get a Tomagotchi, lose it in my closet and find it a couple days later. My little digital creature would, of course, be dead. But, you simply restart and try again.
In my desperation of my capstone not working, I decided a Tomagotchi would be a great way to harness some control over my life. So, I downloaded an app. Next best thing right? Just like old times.
Wrong. Instead of taking expert care of it, I only checked it a couple times and it has died already. It died in its own poop.
Needless to say, it didn’t have the effect I was looking for. Haha. Oh well.
Here’s something else slightly terrifying.
What you’re looking at is a plate of bacteria and fungus my group and I swabbed off of ONE GRAM of spinach leaves out of the bucket at SUBWAY.
Disturbing right? Oh well. It probably isn’t pathogenic. And I will continue to eat there. Immune systems and all that…
Science is cool.

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Its a good feeling- this whole ‘I’m-already-in-medical-school-so-I-can-kind-of-relax’ thing.
But I’ve sort of turned into the kind of student that pins things on Pinterest and watches Grey’s Anatomy, and not the kind of student that got into medical school.
So, oops.
Hopefully that switch will turn back on when I need it to.
But for now, I’m eating donettes and dreaming of “command center” ideas to put in my med school study room.
Tomorrow I will work diligently on my research project.
And Saturday I will be shopping with my nieces and not thinking at all about everything I have to do.
You win some, you lose some.
Look how organizational!


Anti-Vaccine Article

Anti-Vaccine Article
I have discussed and argued and thought and gotten legitimately angry about this issue. We discussed this for a class even and, my classmates specifically brought to light the fact that anti-vaxxers have such a foothold because they are extremely vocal about “preventing autism” and other false things. For the most part, I’ll let you do what you want- by all means put egg yolks in your hair and add protein to your drinks if you think it works.
But this- vaccines- are serious. It affects children that cannot be vaccinated due to legitimate health reasons. It destroys our herd immunity. People are dying of completely preventable, already eradicated diseases. So, supporters of vaccines have to speak out.


"The amazing th…

“The amazing thing about mammalian development is not that it sometimes goes wrong, but that it ever succeeds.”
-Veronica Van Heyningen

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Trying Hard

My last forty-something days as an undergrad.
I’m trying to relish the late nights, the struggle with impossible material and requirements of my small private school.
In some ways, these will become my “good old days”.
So, I’m trying not to hate it as much.
I’ll miss the familiar faces for sure.
I feel the pre-nostalgia welling up for my college friends and fellow science majors.
We have a bond through our shared caffeine, endless fretting, quirky professors, and tests that make you hate yourself.
I think I’ll miss the work too.
How relaxed the pace is, how mundane and mindless the material is.
It will become more imperative that I know my stuff the further along I go in my education.
In medical school, my late night struggle could save a life down the road.
Things will get serious.
I’m growing up.
Moving on.
And I think I’ll miss this place.
So I’m trying not to hate these last precious, worry-free assignments.
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Lists Medical School

Things to Do the Summer Before Medical School

1///Sleep until 2 PM.
3-Make the perfect tiramisu.
4 Run a lot.
5) Take a nap an hour after you wake up.
#6 Go on a random road trip.
7> Journal.
8* Do a bunch of Pinterest projects.
9} Take a bubble bath.
10: Stay up until 4 in the morning.
11///Make a gourmet meal for mom and dad.
12~Have fun with your nieces.
13-Do nothing.
14 Go on a long bike ride.
15) Read a magazine outside.
#16 Watch movies you haven’t seen yet.
17> Sunbathe on a Monday afternoon.
18* Take the girls to Bigsplash.
19} Go shopping with mom
20: Try a new food.
21///Take a 30 minute shower.
22~Have a spa day.
23-Lay tile with Dad.
24 Organize stuff.
25) Take pictures
#26 Jump in a neighborhood pool.
27> Watch Netflix until your eyes hurt.
28* Go hiking.
29} Find a new hobby.
30: Focus on others.
31///Try a juice cleanse just because.
32~Get a tan.
33-Make over your study room.
34 Have fun.