I’m pretty sure I am permanently a night person. If I wake up by an alarm I HAVE to have a nap that day or I get very sleepy around 1 to 4. If I wake up on my own around 11:30 (after going to bed at 2:00 AM), I don’t need a nap!
I’ve been a late night person for as long as I can remember. I stayed up late talking to my sisters when I was little. When I was in high school, I did my most productive homework (and watching Jimmy Fallon before he was on The Tonight Show) from 9PM to 1AM. College, well, you get the picture. Everyone stays up late in college. But, I am always sleepy in the morning. I envy the people that can wake up before 9 in the morning and actually feel okay about getting out of bed. I get sick and cranky easier when I’m running on low sleep for days at a time.
I have had big plans many times to be the type of person that goes to bed at midnight, wakes up at 6, goes running, showers and then starts the day at 8. No dice though. I plan to try again an get into a routine that I can handle and carry that into medical school. I want to be sure to get good sleep and a good workout at least 5 nights a week to stay healthy and sane.
Right now, I usually shower at night after everyone else is in bed. If I run, I do it at night, before my shower. I’ve heard it takes 2 weeks of getting used to a new sleep/wake cycle and you just have to get through it with no naps or extra sleep no matter how tired you are and then your body gets used to it.
I’ve also done some research on “alternative sleep cycles” in the past. Of course, I love the whole 8-hours-of-sleep idea too much to ever try this but I still can’t help but wonder if it actually works. Anyone ever seen any of these in action or used them yourself? Doesn’t seem like it would be healthy or sustainable. Plus who has the kind of life that allows for a 20 minute nap every three hours, besides newborns? That’s whack.
We’ll see how my plans go. I’ll probably lower my expectations and have to work up to the waking up at 6 thing. Even when I have 8AM classes, I wake up, oh at about 7:47.
Sleep is the best.