You’ll see me refer to “the girls” or “my girls”. I’m talking about my nieces. 5 perfect little girls from ages ~2 to 8. But I’m getting ahead of myself….
My parents – Geoff and Debbie.
They’re adorable. Been married for 36 years. They’ve worked really hard ever since they were teenagers and give of themselves and their means constantly for my sisters and I.
My dad is a business owner/contractor for home remodeling. If you live around Tulsa and need a kitchen/bath remodel or anything like that, his contact info is here.
My mom works for the school district I grew up in, doing everything administratively imaginable for the board of education.
My sisters- Melissa and her husband Steve. Mel is a nurse and Steve is a youth minister in the Oklahoma City area. They are ten years older than me but we are very close. (Good thing too since I’ll be Melissa’s boss someday! Ha!) They are the makers of four of the offspring that I am so fond of. Stevie, Macey, Katie, and Julie.
Stacie and her husband Daniel. Stacie is a part time deaf ed teacher and Daniel is a teacher and web and graphic design/marketing guy. They live in Arizona and you can find his freelance work here. They have our most recent beloved baby girl, Addie.
I wouldn’t be where I am without these people.