The good thing about tests being on Mondays is that you have the whole weekend to attempt to prepare.
The rest of the issue of Monday exams involves the fact that its on Monday, and the whole week starts out with me being exhausted.
I’ve never had a favorite day of the week and I try to make everyday the best it can be.
But being up late last night meant my eyes were still stinging with sleep when I pryed them open at 6 this morning.
The kind of morning where you can’t even get your eyes open wide enough to get eyeliner and mascara on without poking yourself in the eye. Guys, you know that feeling right? :)
I choked down a muffin and drove to school (an hour and a half early) with my many bags of food and clothing and binders full of handouts.
After the exam, we all kill some time in the lounge. It all starts over again with a new unit of 16 weeks of material packed in in, oh, about an hour.
This routine will be what my Mondays are like for the foreseeable future.
Thankfully, its an exciting time with some of the nicest, funniest people I have ever met.


studying with my pup