I’ve been looking into backpacks for medical school since, oh, probably April. The backpack I took to college was my good old Jansport from high school. At one point it was white and now its like this crusty, dingy, grayish color filled with crumbs and bits of paper. So I wanted a versatile bag I can take to school, traveling or hiking and biking if I’m so inclined. I looked into all these hardcore sport bags: Kelty, Osprey, North Face and whatnot. Since they are sort of expensive and I didn’t need a new one right away, I stalked amazon and rei for good deals and went back and forth on backpacks. I don’t know why or how it escalated to this huge decision representing the outcome of all of medical school but it did.
When I went to a gathering of medical students (mostly second years), one guy was talking about how he joined the first year’s Facebook groups in order to be able to hang out with the incoming class. Then he said, (and I quote!!) “but when they start asking annoying questions like what backpack to get, I’m out!”
Oh no. I was that girl. The one obsessing about what backpack would ensure a wonderful medical school experience. Because the truth is, it doesn’t really matter. Still, I don’t know why girls do it. And we do it all the time. It also seems to be getting much more common with social networking. We’ve all seen it: “Attention moms, (friends, guys, etc.,) I need recommendations on what stroller to buy, (what gym to join, if anybody has experience with this cloth diaper, that cell phone case, etc.).” It happens so many times and women are the worst at it! Why do we do this?! I feel like after looking at so many backpacks, most are the same! There are different sizes but they all hold stuff, and have straps and zippers. Not a big deal!
We check the reviews, ask if our friends are happy with their purchase. As if the stroller you pick decides if your baby will be brain damaged or not. And I get it, its a big purchase and you don’t want to waste your money, but this med student was right. Sometimes you gotta make your own decisions and not put so much stock into stuff. Putting that much faith and expectations into a backpack is only going to let me down.
Backpack purchased and it ain’t no thang!


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