Juice Cleanse Day 2 isn’t near as bad as yesterday.
First of all. Last night I didn’t drink my 6th juice because juice sounded so nasty. I had a splitting headache, and was also getting nauseous. I considered eating real food but powered through for two reasons.
1. In spite of thinking I was hungry, craving food (mostly bread and crunchy, salty things), my stomach never growled. So, I know physiologically, I am not starving myself. If I felt like I was starving myself I wouldn’t do this. That would be defeating the purpose of trying this- which is to discover health benefits of a raw, juice diet, and “cleanse” my body with easy-to-digest, nutrient-rich juice. Starving yourself is never healthy.
2. I’m stubborn.
I did the same breakfast juice as yesterday but instead of the pineapple/apple/cucumber mid morning juice I used one of my extra juices to try something new.
I pulled a baggy out that I prepped. It had a bunch of baby carrots, a bunch of strawberries, a large handful of spinach, and two nectarines.
It made a orangeish colored juice that tasted really good. The strawberries weren’t quite sweet but I liked the tartness they added. The carrot and nectarine went well together.
I made the same lunch and afternoon juices as yesterday: the beet/apple/carrot and lemon/blueberry respectively.
I would definitely say I am glad I have nothing better to do that get stuff done around the house because I don’t have a whole lot of energy. Its also annoying to have to juice about every 2 hours and immediately clean out the juicer. So Blueprint and Suja pre-made juices definitely have the convenience going for them. If you don’t clean out the juicer right away, it never comes clean.
It definitely wouldn’t be feasible to make your own juices everyday if you had, say, a job, or school, or a life.
I have also decided that running on this diet wouldn’t be feasible either. I’ve only been doing core and body-weight exercises at home and it sort of makes me want to die and eat everything.