I have become a college graduate in the time since we last spoke.
I thought that I would feel different afterwards or be sad or overwhelmed the day of. It was a fast-paced day of places to be, family arrivals, and I was also moving out of my apartment to go back home the same day.
It didn’t feel overly surreal and thankfully it was still a fun day with my family despite a 2 hour ceremony in a hot chapel.
I only teared up twice- once because my favorite professor was giving the commencement address and once when my mom found me after the ceremony and started bawling.
I was so glad and proud to have my family there, and my nieces did so good in the audience. Way to go girls!
The rest of the event is best described in pictures. There are no pictures of the actual ceremony because my dad doesn’t know how to focus. Half of everything saved on the SD card is a one second video because he didn’t know how to get back to picture mode. Parents…. sigh.


My sweet friend Lynnette and I in the staging area


This picture cracks me up. None of us are ready and it was too bright, apparently!


Lynnette and I again- I couldn’t have made it through science without her!


My favorite professor and I


Some more science girls. Each of them bright, beautiful, and destined for great things!


My rocks- my mom and dad


Dear little Jenna and I. We are going to be the cool best friend doctors in the next “Grey’s Anatomy”


Katie in my cap and gown. She will grow into it before we know it!