As my list of things to do until I graduate shrinks, my list of things to do to prepare for medical school grows.
I have a small list of final projects and a small list of tests and it seems strange that it’s all coming down to be a once again manageable semester when at first it seemed impossible.
And I really want to thank everyone that has done me favors, brought me food, or simply sat with me while I have slaved over purifying some nematodes‘ godforsaken RNA. As of today, I have a batch in the PCR machine to test its viability. Hopefully, this time it works.
Not only will school as I know it end, these are also my last days in Shawnee. Not saying I will miss it- its $13.99, now $15.99 trash service, or its nasty people and incredulously disgusting Walmart, but its been a pseudo-home for a while.
New Things:
I tried steel cut oats overnight for the first time.
I bought the actual oats off of Amazon since nowhere in Shawnee has them. Steel cut oats look a lot different than the Quaker oats I have been familiar with. They were definitely more chunk-like than wafer thin like rolled oats. And if you look at the actual grain like I did (I know, I’m a nerd) you can sort of see that they really do “roll” them out flat to get the rolled oats I put in my No-Bake Cookies.
Anyway, I didn’t have brown sugar or anything other than Splenda and I didn’t want to get the¬†crock pot out or boil them for an hour. I also didn’t think I would mind eating it cold so this is what I threw in my bowl:
1/2 c oats
2 spoonfuls of chia seeds
2 splashes of milk
3 oz. yogurt drink that I have every morning
for sweetness and fruit flavor
(It looks like this)
I put it in the fridge overnight. I ate some of it this morning and the rest for a snack later. It was chewy and sweet and slightly strawberry flavored. I liked it cold too. I’m proud of it and will definitely make it again. I’ll probably incorporate peanut butter or chocolate in some way.
I thought it was exciting and new and yay!