I figured I should put this up BEFORE anything precarious happens.
I am not a licensed physician (yet!) but even if I was, you should speak to your own provider about any concerns you have. Diseases and health issues discussed here are not designed to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. Every BODY is different anyway so you should see a physician to talk about your needs.
All opinions/experiences are my own and are not affiliated with any institution, medical center, physician, or university.
The further into medicine I get, the more interactions I will have with patients and related sensitive information. I WILL PROTECT THEIR PRIVACY. As such, identities and details will be changed at my discretion. This includes all interactions with cadavers, patients, their families, physicians, classmates, and faculty.
All photos and text are my own unless otherwise stated. You may use my content and photos so long as I am notified and credit is given by linking it back to this blog.
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