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Things Women Should Quit Doing

I posted this article on Facebook, and I read this one a while back.
I don’t agree with all of them. Women need to apologize for some things just like everyone else. And, being assertive does not mean we can walk all over people to get what we want or be rude. I especially don’t think we should stop telling other people yes and stop telling ourselves no. I think as a whole, twenty-something-year-old women are becoming more and more selfish and self absorbed and should probably commit more to doing for others and less to “pampering” themselves.
It didn’t escape my attention either that the first one, the buzz feed article, is sponsored by Pantene.
Have you guys seen their new ad campaign? I like all the things it makes me feel.
I like female empowerment. It’s a big part of why I run. It makes me feel powerful.
I’m not of the crazy feminist variety, but I think women can do a lot more than they are. For me, it’s not all about how many women are in Congress or even about how much women get paid. It’s about expecting more from women, setting women up to not be helpless. Then, it can carry over into women raising strong babies that aren’t helpless, dream big, and set their own standards according to what works best for them. Men have a part in this too. They’ll expect more from us women the more we expect of ourselves. The hope is that it will be less about who stays home with the kids or who makes more money in the household and more about supporting each other.
I think where we get stuck, unfortunately, is when we see other women succeeding at their life goals, whatever those are. As my mom says “Comparison steals your joy.” It happens a lot more often now that you can look on Facebook and see Holly Highschool get that amazing internship in Nashville or Charlie Church girl’s adorable babies’ pinterest worthy photos and we think we are doing something wrong on our own journey and get discouraged. We get overwhelmed with all the things we want and say “Well, I’ll never have that “fill-in-the-blank” and so starts the pity party funk of all we have not accomplished and how life isn’t what we thought it’d be.
If we just realized that encouraging each other is so much better of a way to help other women reach their goals and reach our own goals. Because when it comes down to it, you don’t really want their life, as perfect as it looks on Instagram. You want your life because its the one you’ve been given. And its a good one.
“Though it may feel otherwise, enjoying life is no more dangerous than apprehending it with continuous anxiety and gloom.” -Alain de Botton
So here’s my list of things women should quit doing.
1. Quit comparing their lives to other people- online or in person.
2. Being  ungrateful for what you have.
3. Quit acting like you aren’t strong, because you are.

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Safe Running

My niece was with me last night and today during my classes. I have since realized my life is pretty boring for a six year old. And that’s with having gone to the park during one of my breaks.
She woke up this morning before my alarm, thankfully knew better than to wake me, and was “Ready to start the glorious day of high school. Wait, are you in high school?”
“Nope, Kate. I’m in college.”
And yes she really did say glorious.
20 minutes into my first class she said “When is it time for a rest?”
Basically I am a granny. We still had fun though. We went rock climbing, played racquetball and went to an intramural futsol game.
She dressed this little doll up on my iPad. She said “Look a swimsuit!” Sweet, modest, little Katie.
One thing I do have in common with a six year old is that we both eat all day long, mostly a well-balanced diet of goldfish, apples, Easter candy, and pasta.
After many people begging and pleading with me to not run by myself at night, I have come up with some safer compromises that can be used as safer running tips.
I like night because its cooler, more peaceful, and the sun is not in my eyes. My face is really sensitive to sunburn and I’m a big time squinter.
But, especially in Shawnee I do not always feel safe.
1) For starters, a more obvious one- I usually wear a light colored shirt or something reflective.
2) I carry pepper spray on a little wrist band. You know- for rapists, serial killers, robbers, and more likely, big dogs.
3) If I run with music, I leave an ear bud out and lower the volume.
4) At each intersection, when I’m checking for cars, I take stock of my surroundings and look around behind me too. Not just as a paranoia thing, but for feral cats and skunks and weird kids trying to talk to me.
5) I only run in an area I’m familiar with. In Shawnee, I only feel comfortable in like a 2 square mile area. Its not always the most entertaining run, but I do zig zags like I drew in this picture of the beautiful city grid system to get to the mileage or time I want before I turn around. This usually works in neighborhoods best because you more than likely will have tiny blocks to go up in down each way. The example I have is in a square mile area but you can easily get 6 miles in.
6) This might be the most paranoid tip, but I don’t make my Nike plus account viewable nor do I use the apps that post where I run on my Facebook. My nike plus account is hooked up to my GPS watch and keeps track of my pace and mileage, which are handy, but it can also show you my running habits like where I like to run, how long it takes me, and what time of day I went. So I keep both of those things private.
7) If at all possible, I take someone with me. My roommate rides her bike with me when she can and she has a bike light, giving us extra visibility. And if Zach comes with me, he has a head lamp and I don’t even have to bring my pepper spray. Boys are safe like that 🙂
Like I said, I’ve never had anything serious happen to me, but people walking in the dark sometimes do scare me. I’ve been chased by (and had to kick) a dog. And some places give me the heebie jeebies. So these are just the things I don’t take chances with.
How do you stay safe on a night run?

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TV Dads

TV dads are made out to be idiots.
“Though we love our men individually, we agree that as a group they’re rather stupid.”
That’s the best part of the whole song.
I can say this because my dad raised me as a girl to be smart and independent with absolutely not even a seed of doubt that I was just as capable to do whatever I wanted as any man was.
I feel like most sexism today is just said as a joke because its mostly accepted in my generation that marriages and parenting will be a 50/50 partnership.
So you have to take my jokes along with this post because I think sexist jokes are funny.
Think Phil Dunphy from Modern Family
Think about the dad on pretty much every Disney Channel Show ever.
Do you think feminism has harmed the way we view men, or are they really stupid and its an accurate portrayal? 🙂 I think its making women have to step up and take control.

Watch from about 2:30 on in this video
Maybe its based on this whole quote where we are expecting men to be good at things that don’t come naturally to them.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”- Albert Einstein

Maybe that’s just something we can tell men to make them feel better about being so dumb. 😉
It’s just something to think about. Yet another way our media affects our lives in bigger ways than we probably want them to…

Medical School Quotes


After just reading online that waitlist positions at my medical school have been finalized and decisions are going out-
I exclaim- “The people I will become a doctor with are set in stone! Forever! Destiny is sealed! THEY ARE READY FOR ME!!!”
Caitlyn, my roommate says- “They’ll never be ready for you.”