Last Ditch Attempts

Today, as a last ditch attempt to get as smart as possible in a short amount of time, I decided to stare at the vitamin aisle wishing there was a pill to drastically improve brain function. Tomorrow is the day I begin medical school classes.

Just Sayin'

All I know is… this kinda mess doesn’t happen at Target. #target4lyfe #walmartsucks

An Ingenius Idea That I'm Sharing with Ya'll

Issue 1 When I’m driving¬†my feet get cold. They are so far from my¬†frozen little heart. I usually sit criss cross applesauce to keep my toesies warm under my legs, but that’s not very safe when I’m at the wheel. Issue 2 When I’m driving, I like...

Whole Milk Two Mile

Oklahoma Baptist University is such a wonderfully weird place. I never felt much school pride in high school, but attending my last OBU events is definitely making me sad. Ka-Rip There is a tradition at OBU that I have never participated in but I go watch every year....

TV Dads

TV dads are made out to be idiots. [youtube] “Though we love our men individually, we agree that as a group they’re rather stupid.” That’s the best part of the whole song. I can say...

Feminism Successes

The female species has been liberated of the oppression of sitting down to pee. As someone who has peed in a gas station cup in the back of a car, I need to have this. Graduation gift, BAM. You’re Welcome.