I’ve only had enough time to pull drafts out this weekend and haven’t been able to write this new post of something cool that happened Friday, Apr 18.
I received a blogging award nomination for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award from a blogger that is a fourth year med student about to enter residency. You can see her post of her favorite blogs and the award details here.
Its been cool to see my brand spankin’ new blog slowly grow each day, to watch medical student blogs find me just as fast as I find them, and to keep following my favorite home improvement, recipe blogs, and running blogs for ideas and to see how they do things.
At first it was just my Facebook friends and family but now I see at least one new blogger following my blog everyday just from WordPress or wherever. And, since I can see where people find my blog from, like Facebook, Twitter, or from another blog such as the references from The Honest Doctor.
Anyway, just wanted to share with you how great everyone is in the blogging world and how neat it is to see other people interested in the things I have to say. And, to have my followers follow the other great blogs out there.
Also, Happy Easter!