Applying to Medical School

Here’s a “roundup” of posts I have on the application process- including my personal stories and tips.
I will add more as I write them.  If you would like me to discuss a certain topic or aspect of applying or premed life in general, please let me know.
7/4/13 The-Burnout,-Doubt-Everything,-Find-Resolve-Again Cycle 
6/8/14 Personal Statement
6/2/14 AMCAS and AACOMAS
5/28/14 Getting Off the Waitlist Into OU
5/13/14 How I Know I’ll Make It
5/9/14 Medical School Budgeting
5/8/14 My Second Medical School Interview
4/29/14 Doctor Patient Relationship
4/28/14 Why I am an A Student Without Straight A’s
4/22/14 Medical School Scholarships
4/18/14 3 Things to Try to Avoid as a Pre-Med
4/9/14 My First Medical School Interview
3/15/14 Things to Do the Summer Before Medical School


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