It’s overwhelming how many types of scrubs there are. Colors and sizes and materials and brands and pockets and necklines. I sort of thought they were all the same. Isn’t one of the purposes of scrubs to be in standardized uniform? I definitely wasn’t looking for anything fancy. I mostly need plain jane scrubs that are gonna get nasty in cadaver lab. However, other students at my school are suggesting that most people wear scrubs to class on a pretty regular basis so I decided to get more than one or two pairs to start off with.  No matter what size I tried on, the drawstrings have to be pulled up to my head and cinched down, and the leg holes are as wide around as tree trunks.  The shirt sleeves end at my elbows. I tried some on
Nothing has made me feel more like I’m playing dress up for medical school more than trying on scrubs and finding out the XXS still swallows me. I felt like a little kid. I’m not even that tiny. I usually wear a sm (2/4) in shirts and size small athletic shorts, so I was thinking it would be similar. Here I was thinking I was growing up and becoming a modern woman, buying black pumps and slacks. So, thank you scrubs. It was a humbling experience. At least my white coat makes me feel accomplished.
So far I like Landau, Cherokee, and Med Couture the best! I got solid colors- navy, light blue, jade green, and pinkish purplish color!