The Grind

I’m finishing up my teaching service internal medicine month, which is arguably the hardest month of a third year medical student. It requires a lot of hours- including weekends,- a lot of work, and most importantly for a student- a lot of learning. The learning curve is steep and its sink or swim. It’s not the teaching service grind I’m talking about here though. I’m talking about the grind I have coming up. The study grind.

Step 2

While its nothing compared to Step 1 boards, I do have boards coming up. Again. 🙁 Two of them.
One is in Pennsylvania and it is a full 8-hour day of seeing fake patients and writing fake notes on those patients and tthe examiners watch you on video and read your note and somehow decide if you are fit to move on in this thing we call medical education. That’s in June. The day after which, I get to see my bestie in D.C.
The other is a multiple choice 8-hour test in a testing facility much like Step 1/COMLEX. Mine is in July. The day after which, Dru and I fly to Cancun for our honeymoon.
I think its pretty obvious I like the idea of “TREAT YO SELF” after a big test. 😉 Below is the beach I get to look forward to  👏🏻


For next month’s big grind, I will be staying 2 hours away from Tulsa on my surgery rotation with what I have heard are pretty decent hours- perfect for studying. Unfortunately this means I’ll be away from my distractingly perfect husband and distractingly hilarious roommates who, when we are all together in the house, play Mario Party on the Wii endlessly.
I’m not looking forward to being gone from Dru, but I do look forward to the study grind. A little. Kinda. In a way…

I love thinking about the routine- I get chills when I think about productive routines. I practically start shaking with excitement when I think about a productive routine without distractions. The most important caveat to this is that its only 28 days. Any longer than that, and I would start whining that I need a day off.  If rotations have taught me anything, thought,  its that I can put up with anything for a month. And if board studying last year taught me anything, its that nothing is worse than Step 1.

So I’m actually looking forward to May a little bit.

Here’s the plan starting Monday:

  • Scrub in on some surgeries in the mornings and early afternoons with my attending.
  • Study for surgery shelf exam.
  • Get some much needed general boards studying done. Hello OnlineMedEd!
  • Call Dru every night, tell him I miss him and go over some fake cases for our fake patient exam.
  • I get to share a house just for med students- with classmates I don’t usually get to spend time with!
  • I will have already prepared, free, decent meals at the hospital! And coffee- free coffee!
  • There’s a gym where I can get ready to hit the beach in July.
  • Lord knows I love when I get a new city to run in.
  • Delete Macy’s Netflix and Hulu passwords off my computer. EEK, this will be hard!

I’m sure I’ll get sick of it after .7 seconds of putting all these expectations on myself, but for now I’m excited to get after it!!

Is it weird that I got super pumped about all the pens and highlighters I get to use this month in my crisp, new First Aid for Step 2 book? Ugh. Good thing I picked a career that requires studying all the time- because I like the grind.

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